1)What should I do if I see "transaction failed"?
This error means that a problem was detected with the logic of execution.
You can try to solve this problem in the following ways:
a. Try to refresh the page and perform the same operation again
b. Try another browser
c. Try again with a smaller amount
d. Check whether the network is correct
e. Check if your L1 and L2 have enough gas fees
If none of the above helps, please feel free to contact our team via Discord: discord.gg/FMrjZrdZds or send an email to [email protected]
2)My transaction is pending/failed, what should I do?
Depending on the type of transaction, we recommend speeding up your transaction (by setting a higher gas fee) or canceling it.
How to speed up or cancel pending transactions-MetaMask Support​
3)What should I do if I can't see the funds after clicking on Deposit (on the Yield interface)?
After you deposit, you need to wait 5-10 minutes for the funds to be mapped from Layer1 to Layer2, and then we need to switch to Layer 2 (Arbitrum network).
4)How to switch your trading network (Ethereum(L1), Arbitrum(L2))?
Click on your wallet to select the designated network
5)About secondary distribution of interest
Players deposit their principal into KAKI. The interest from KAKI deposited in other DeFi protocols (e.g., AAVE) is gathered into a bonus pool. Players win by predicting the rise or fall in the underlying asset's price (e.g., ETH) at a certain time.
6)How does KAKI achieve no-loss of L1 assets?
KAKI puts assets in L1 (Ethererum), and what we trading are mapped assets in L2. The two are similar to the relationship between cash and chips, so we call it the "chip mode" to ensure that L1 assets are protected from hacker attacks.
7)How do we play?
Become a captain: If you are confident in your trading operations, you can create your own team and invite other players to join your team.
Become a crew: If you are not good at trading yourself or do not have time to trade, you can join a team and give the trading authority to the captain. Part of the captain's commission will be deducted from the winning bonus, and the rest will be distributed to members according to the amount of deposit.
8)Does the extent of price fluctuation has anything to do with my earnings?
No! It doesn’t matter how much the price fluctuates. As long as it’s in the right direction, you’ll make a profit. For example, if you place a call order and the price of bitcoin goes up by $1, you get the same amount as if bitcoin goes up by $100.
9)Can I use KC to trade in the no-loss game if I were a crew?
No, only the captain has the right to use KC for trading.
10)How the bonuses are distributed in no-loss option games?
Team A bonus = cycle yield * ( Team A WKC / Total WKC )
Crew member (Tony) = team bonus(87%)* ( Tony's KC/ Total KC in the team)
*WKC: The winning part of KC
*Captain's commission: 8% of the total team bonus
*Treasury:5% of the bonus pool for each cycle
11)What is the difference between binary options and the no-loss options game?
Binary options: Players use the principal to participate
No-loss options game: the player uses the interest to participate