💎🥇No-loss trading game

Introduction of No-loss trading game
No-loss trading game
No-Loss trading game allows traders to play without the risk of losing their capital. Our mission is to create an easy and fun option game for the user. The combination of NFT+DeGAME makes this product enjoyable, and that's why it is the star product of KAKI to attracts TVL and DeFi players.
Participants deosit their assets on KAKI protocol, and KAKI automatically deposits these funds into other protocols to earn interests. These interests is converted into a bonus pool and will be awarded to the winners. In short, the more you win in the game, the more profits you get rewarded.
If you are not good at trading or don't have time to trade, you can join a team and give the trading authority to the captain. The captain will get some commissions and the rest of the bonus will be distributed according to your portion of position.