🤑🎃Binary Options

If you find trading with interests not exciting enough, then you can choose to trade binary options with real money. Unlike traditional binary options using the pricing model, we use the Volume-Profit model (VPM) to determine the returns for each round. It is the peer-to-pool mode, buyers can purchase call or put options. The premium of the binary option is executed at expiration, and there are only two results: profit or loss. It is important to note that binary options are an upgraded version of the no-loss trading game because it has the risk of principal loss.
For example:
If you think the price of of underlying asset token will go up in 1 day, you can buy a call binary option. However, if you are not good at short-term trading, you can choose to become a market maker to provide liquidity to the pool. Anyone can become a market maker and earn commissions.