So what has Squid Game changed compared to the No-Loss game?

1. Elevated excitement.

Squid Game are for those players with a higher level of risk acceptance. In Squid Game, you no longer play with interest only as in trading games, which means that you lose your principal in case you lose the game. Again, the rewards you get are very attractive.

2. All players can participate and can play at any time.

Instead of having to accumulate interest over a long period of time as in lossless trading games, you use the players’ principal as the prize pool. Naturally, players who provide capital or rather buy tickets can participate and should not be limited to once-a-week trading times.
Let’s take a look at the interface of the squid game. From the picture, we can see that this is a classic scene in the squid game — crossing the glass bridge. In the squid game, the protagonists need to choose between ordinary glass and special glass. Once a wrong decision is made, the result is irreversible!
Squid Game
This choice of two options corresponds to the gameplay of CALL and PUT in KAKI binary options. KAKI combines this feature to make the process of making trading decisions more exciting. Look at the villains in the screen, and the little golden pig prize pool above, which perfectly corresponds to the real scene in the squid game! Doesn’t that amazing? I can’t wait to try it!
If we regard KAKI as a DeFi amusement park, the no-loss option would be the carousel, which is safe and gentle; the upcoming squid game is a roller coaster, thrilling…